CREATE for Education

Creating Resilience for Educators, Administrators and Teachers
The goal of CREATE is to nurture healthy, caring school communities that support social and emotional learning and teacher and principal wellness.

Our Programs

CARE (Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education) is a unique professional development program that helps teachers handle the stresses and rediscover the joys of teaching. CARE has been carefully studied in a series of randomized trials showing its effectiveness in boosting teacher’s mental capacities, performance, and social and emotional functioning which results in more rewarding personal and professional experiences. CARE workshops for teachers can be provided in a variety of ways to meet the needs of different educator audiences.

Community Approach to Learning Mindfully, or CALM for Teachers, is a program for all school staff that begins before the start of the school day. CALM is a place-based model that is conducted at a particular school and is intended to promote the daily use of mindful/caring practices with adults and students. CALM is offered for 20 minutes before the official start of the school day for most days of the week. CALM has been studied in one randomized trial and has shown effects on teachers physical and mental well-being and enjoyment of teaching.

CREATE partners with district or agency teams to formulate plans and coach administrators to introduce and supplement SEL programs by focusing on planning systemic change in policies and practices and supporting readiness for change. Support is also provided to improve the quality of implementation planning and for achieving sustainability. Workshops include introductory and advanced SEL training for teachers, leadership development within an SEL framework for administrators, SEL informational seminars for school boards, and consulting on assessment and evaluation of SEL outcomes. Team building seminars are offered as well.

Our Stories

Learn more about how CARE for Teachers can help you cultivate the skills needed to manage stress to promote innovation, collaboration and cooperation in the learning environment.

Hear from administrators and teachers who have experienced CARE for Teachers and why they believe the program is important in this current moment in education.