Community Approach to Learning Mindfully

All staff are welcome and the practices in CALM are accessible to just about everyone – regardless of your level of prior experience with mindfulness or yoga practices. Faculty and Staff who start their day with a moment of CALM will feel restored and ready to be fully present and effective. CALM also provides staff with quick and simple practices that they can use throughout the day to support their own focus, emotional balance, and ability to manage stress. Daily CALM sessions, held before the school day begins, last about 20 minutes and provide intentional breathing practices, gentle yoga movement, mindful awareness practices, and setting positive intentions for the teaching day.


CALM was originally designed as support for educators – including all faculty and staff in the school building. Educators do so much to care for and inspire their students, and CALM provides them with the care and compassion they deserve to stay healthy, avoid burnout, and be fully present with the joys of teaching.

For inquiries about workshops at your school or agency, please contact Alexis Harris


CALM has been adapted for the support of staff and administrators working in long-term care settings (termed CALM II). As CALM is a place-based model focusing on building resilience and caring, it was natural to adapt CALM for use in other settings in which caring and compassion are essential requirements. A pilot trial was conducted in two long-term care settings. A pilot randomized trial comparing the effects of CALM II have shown promising effects on improving their mindful awareness, reducing time-related job stress, perceived stress, negative ruminating thoughts, and lower rates of people intending to leave their positions.

Where is CALM being used?

CALM has been implemented in K-12 schools in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, and Kentucky. The original pilot research was completed in State College, PA, with two middle schools. Since then, CALM has been implemented in other school districts, such as Cleveland Metro Schools, Red Clay Schools in Delaware, and in 25 schools in Jefferson County, KY, as a part of the Compassionate Schools Project. Over 40 instructors have already been trained to faciliate CALM in schools.


Educators encounter high levels of occupational stress that can lead to burnout, poor teaching, and attrition. CALM was designed to support educator wellbeing and prevent some of those negative impacts of stress. CALM has been carefully tested in one randomized trial that involved two middle schools in Pennsylvania. Results showed improvements in teacher’s wellbeing, mindfulness, physiological functioning, fewer physical symptoms of illness, management of stress, and perceived ability to manage their classrooms effectively.

“I’ve noticed that I’m less anxious, I’m more calm and I think it’s because we are doing these 20 minutes of just breathe, relax, prepare for the day, realize teaching is stressful and just approach it with a calm attitude."