Kim Williams

Kim Williams has been an organized, resourceful, and dynamic person in the world of evidence-based program implementation to support youth development since 2001. Her skills and experience have translated into a variety of settings including the non-profits and statewide organizations. Kim has created processes, structures, and resources for evidence-based program instruction, school/organizational practices and policies to support the whole child, and family and community partnership strategies. Kim believes social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies are teachable and crucial for both youth and adults. She is a certified trainer for the PATHS® curriculum, the LifeSkills® Training program, and Aperture Education, a company focused on SEL assessment. Kim is the founder of learningSELally, a company with a mission to cultivate social and emotional skills for youth through evidence-based prevention training and support. As a consultant for CREATE, Kim will focus her energy on adult SEL development training.