Christa Turksma

Introductory Workshop: Teacher Stress and Mindfulness Using The CARE Model

Christa Turksma and Mark Greenberg will share an introduction to CARE.

Join us at  Supporting the Whole Child:  Building a Community of Practice

October 10th, Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington, Delaware.

Teaching is a very stressful profession and there has been increased awareness of the stresses faced by educators, including support staff and administrators. This Workshop will review the theory and practices of the CARE Program. CARE ( is an evidence-based program for teachers and others in caring professions. This workshop will include experiential activities that demonstrate key aspects of the CARE Program including short mindfulness practices and practices regarding emotional awareness and regulation.

The learning goals of the workshop are to:
• Understand the concept of mindfulness and how this supports the resilience of teachers/administrators
• Demonstrate how mindfulness practices improves the social and emotional competence of teachers and the climate of the classroom
• Experience and reflect on the effect of mindfulness practices as a participant