District Level Support:
Rebuilding Our School Community

The Need

As educators, our lives have been forever changed. We have all experienced trauma in some form. Our school year ended abruptly and our students and families are struggling with the sudden interruption of life and learning as they knew it. As schools begin to make plans for reopening, it is imperative that we address the effect of this pandemic experience not only for our students, but also for the adults who work with them.

The Solution

To help rebuild school communities and create a new vision of caring schools, CREATE has developed a long-term planning process to support school districts during 2021-2022 school year.  The planning begins with consultation with senior district leaders on training trainers to conduct a one-day re-entry program for educators called “Rebuilding Our School Community: Navigating the New Normal.”  This curriculum is for schools that are returning face to face and also as a virtual community.This one-day session provides opportunities to explore adult social and emotional needs, learn and collaborate on strategies to build caring connections with our students and colleagues both at the level of the classroom and school.

What Will the Training and Support Include?

CREATE provides:

  1. Training in Rebuilding Communities to unlimited number of district staff who are designated as trainers
  2. One copy of Rebuilding Community Curriculum to each attendee
  3. Consultation prior to training to senior district staff in preparing for the training
  4. Consultation before and after training initial trainings to provide support for local adaptations
  5. Monthly virtual meetings for ongoing consultation on SEL related topics, training and implementation

 Can It Be Done On-Line and Face-to-Face?

 Yes, the training will be designed so it can be conducted online as well as face-to-face

 What is the Cost?

  Cost will depend on district size and needs.

 How Do I Find Out More or Enroll?

            Contact Dorothy Morelli at dorothygm@hotmail.com or 615 364-6606

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