Restorative Practices Workshops

Restorative practices are a set of strategies educators and students can use to repair relationships that have been damaged, including those damaged through bullying. It does this by bringing about a sense of remorse and restorative action on the part of the offender and forgiveness by the victim.

The purpose of restorative practices is to build healthy communities through equity and a mutual understanding of respect. By learning how to effectively implement restorative practices educators are able to strengthen entire school populations.

CREATE offers professional development workshops on restorative practices where educators learn how to focus on addressing the harm done to an individual and how best to help repair those relationships for all involved.


Restorative practices training begins with a one-day session. However, many sites request a second day to go deeper in using these practices.


Restorative practices workshops are typically for educators but can also be tailored for school and district administrators. We recommend up to 35 participants per workshop but can also accommodate larger groups.


Restorative practices workshops are usually delivered in a school setting but can also be held as a districtwide training or in regional settings.


CREATE also offers on-site consultation to improve restorative practices implementation.