CREATE provides broad consulting to assist districts, schools, and agencies in transformation that includes readiness planning, formulation and  support of new policies and practices and support in implementing quality programming to nurture healthy, caring schools. Strong relational leadership that supports students as well as educators is essential and CREATE helps facilitate these skills through workshops and coaching with both administrators and teachers. CREATE partners with district or agency teams to transform systems for the best possible results.

Mark Greenberg

Mark Greenberg, Ph.D. holds The Bennett Endowed Chair in Prevention Research in Penn State’s College of Health and Human Development. He is the Founding Director of the Prevention Research Center for the Promotion of Human Development. He is one of the primary authors of The PATHS Curriculum and then has conducted research on its impact since 1981. He has supported the use of the PATHS® curriculum in most US states and over 20 countries throughout the world. He is a senior investigator on numerous national and international research projects including Fast Track, PROSPER, The Family Life Project, REDI, CARE, and PATHS® to Success. He is the author of more than 300 journal articles and book chapters on developmental psychopathology, well-being, and the effects of prevention efforts on children and families. He received the Research Scientist Award from the Society for Prevention Research in 2002 and the Society for Child Development Distinguished Contributions to Public Policy for Children Award in 2009, and the Presidential Award from the Society for Prevention Research in 2013. One of his current interests is how to help nurture awareness and compassion in our society.

Dorothy Morelli

Dorothy Morelli has consulted with CEOs, superintendents, administrators and teachers in many countries to help develop strategic planning and professional development for SEL promotion and sustainability. One of her specialties is team building through SEL practices. With over 30 years of experience in education, Dorothy brings her knowledge of different learning environments to CREATE. Dorothy has also been involved with many research projects during the past 30 years.

Joe Gerics M.Ed.

Joe has been working in the field of education for thirteen years serving as a middle and high school teacher and coach for nine years in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio. He currently is employed with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District as a Humanware/Social-Emotional Learning Manager. Joe also serves as the district lead for the Not on Our Watch anti-bullying program. He initiated and brought emphasis on trauma-informed practice to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and continues to be instrumental in deepening the work both inside and outside of the district. He is currently a Doctoral Candidate with a research emphasis on challenges and barriers that face urban middle school teachers with implementation of SEL in the classroom.

Judith Nuss

Judith Nuss is a long-time educator: teacher, school leader, and Director of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL.)  She is a SEL Specialist Consultant for the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL), a consultant for CREATE specializing in Adult SEL, and an independent education consultant focusing on SEL. Judy promotes and supports effective implementation of SEL in districts, schools, and classrooms and in all grades, PK-12. She works in large urban school districts such as Austin, TX, Sacramento, CA, Cleveland,OH, Hillsborough County SD, FL, and El Paso Independent School District in TX as well as in smaller suburban districts/schools. Additionally, Judy is a community psychologist integrating educational, social, cultural, and other influences in systems and groups to promote positive change in communities and empowerment for individuals. Judy is the proud and grateful grandmother of four grandchildren.

Kim Williams

Kim Williams has been an organized, resourceful, and dynamic person in the world of evidence-based program implementation to support youth development since 2001. Her skills and experience have translated into a variety of settings including the non-profits and statewide organizations. Kim has created processes, structures, and resources for evidence-based program instruction, school/organizational practices and policies to support the whole child, and family and community partnership strategies. Kim believes social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies are teachable and crucial for both youth and adults. She is a certified trainer for the PATHS® program, the LifeSkills® Training program, and Aperture Education, a company focused on SEL assessment. Kim is the founder of learningSELally, a company with a mission to cultivate social and emotional skills for youth through evidence-based prevention training and support. As a consultant for CREATE, Kim will focus her energy on adult SEL development training.