Trauma Workshops

Trauma-Informed Care and Trauma-Sensitive Schools Workshop

A trauma-informed approach equips educators with strategies and tools to better engage those affected by complex trauma. Such training focuses on understanding how a child who has experienced complex trauma can be triggered, processes, intakes, and deciphers information. Understanding how to support children to form secure relationships is vitally important in establishing healthy connections to peers and teachers and facilitate classroom engagement. Creating a trauma-sensitive classroom can provide transformational equity for all.

CREATE provides one-day workshops to support educators to develop trauma-sensitive classrooms and schools. Through our trauma-informed training, educators will learn skills and tools that will enable them to better engage children through a trauma-informed lens. Educators will learn practical strategies centered around establishing trauma-informed classroom practices and routines, forming and maintaining effective student relationships, and the acquisition of skills for increasing their own self-awareness and emotional management in maintaining a trauma-sensitive classroom.

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Healing Centered Engagement Workshop

Healing Centered Engagement (HCE) focuses on helping students who have been affected by complex trauma to become a catalyst and active partner in their own healing. This approach is asset-driven rather than deficit -based. HCE seeks to not just reduce manifestations and symptoms of trauma, but also bring about strategies to address the entirety of well-being. HCE focuses on creating an equitable and transformational classroom environment that espouses empathy, critical reflection, and hope.

CREATE provides one-day workshops to support educators to create HCE. This workshop is best suited for educators who already have knowledge of trauma-informed care and trauma-sensitive schools. During this workshop, educators will move from being aware of trauma to using practical applications to help students heal.

Workshop Logistics


Trauma workshops begin as a one-day session. However, many sites ask for a second day because the first is so successful.


Trauma workshops are typically for educators but sessions can also be tailored for school and district administrators. We recommend up to 35 participants per workshop but can also accommodate larger groups.


Workshops are usually delivered in a school setting but can also be held as a districtwide training or in regional settings.

CREATE also offers on-site consultation to improve trauma-informed care implementation.