Pamela Nicholas-Hoff

Pamela Nicholas-Hoff, M.Ed., is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the University of Virginia’s School of Education and Human Development. Her research focuses on using mindful-, compassion-, and equity-based practices within pre- and in-service teachers to reduce implicit bias and racial discipline disparities for marginalized students and to improve teacher-student relationships.  Currently, Pam, Dr. Tish Jennings, and Dr. Tara Hofkens (her Ph.D. advisors) are examining national public school data to determine the relationship between out-of-school suspensions and student race across different time periods. In addition, Pam and Dr. Polina Mischenko, facilitate mindfulness sessions for teachers in Charlottesville City Schools. Before returning to UVA to earn her doctorate, Pam taught at the middle school and college levels where she witnessed, first-hand, the benefits of mindfulness-based practices for students and educators.